NIC MAP Vision brings AI-enabled technology powered by OpenAI to senior housing industry

NIC MAP Vision has integrated OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology into new functions in its robust senior housing data and analytics platform. Data-related tasks critical to senior housing investment, market research and operations are cumbersome and time-consuming for their teams. These tasks are easily automated through NIC MAP Vision’s platform using AI-enabled tools. The combination of NIC MAP Vision’s deep industry expertise and the power of OpenAI will accelerate and enrich the decision-making for senior housing leaders, capital partners and healthcare providers.

NIC MAP Vision is the most trusted analytics and insights partner for the senior housing industry, giving operators, lenders, investors, developers, and owners unparalleled market data. Its clients have access to the data of 35,000+ senior housing communities, and NIC MAP Vision serves 18 of the top 20 senior housing operators in the United States. NIC MAP Vision is also the first to bring AI enabled technology to the senior housing industry.

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How should the senior housing industry use AI?

The data and analytics experts at NIC MAP Vision have demonstrated that the senior housing industry is data-rich, but all stakeholders need support to extract key insights. New developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning have opened access to these powerful analytic tools to quickly extract both routine and novel insights. We have focused our AI tools on applications where AI’s singular capabilities provide a meaningful advantage in time-saving automations, and analyzing large, complex data sets. Any implementation of AI in senior housing must acknowledge that industry constituents are unique in their commitment to the health and safety of their residents, their dedication to their staff, and their obligations to capital partners and other investors.

What is the long-term vision for AI in NIC MAP Vision?

NIC MAP Vision will deliver the power of these analytic and automation tools to our industry, while upholding the trust that our data partners and clients have placed in us for nearly two decades as their analytics and insights provider.

How will NIC MAP Vision’s AI features differ from ChatGPT and other AI tools?

NIC MAP Vision delivers a quality-assured, industry-expert result for senior housing stakeholders that isn’t available with “consumer grade” AI tools. Insightful data analysis and useful automations require context and deep domain expertise. Our AI-enabled tools have been built by our one-of-a-kind engineering team of senior housing data experts – there is no other organization that can match our technical expertise in senior housing data analysis. Our solutions are tailored to our robust knowledge of the senior housing operating environment and will include contextual information from our gold-standard data sets.

What models are NIC MAP Vision using?

NIC MAP Vision has selected OpenAI to power new client-facing tools on our senior housing-specific platform.

When will AI be coming to NIC MAP Vision?

We anticipate a late 2023 release, and the AI-enabled tools will be labeled inside our platform. We are dedicated to upholding our commitments to you regarding privacy, security, and safety of your data and are carefully vetting AI in our workflows that comply with our terms of service.

What services/features will the product provide?

Our 2023 offering includes analytics and automations supporting market research and investment workflows, with near-term expansion planned into many other senior housing industry functions.

How can I learn more about AI with NIC MAP Vision?

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NIC MAP Vision gives operators, lenders, investors, developers, and owners unparalleled market data for the seniors housing and care sector.