At NIC MAP Vision, we operate at the nexus of finance, commercial real estate, and business operations, which together serve a marketplace of more than 55 million (and growing) Americans aged 65 or older. To meet the challenges of this expanding market, we need passionate problem solvers who can take on opportunities and bring fresh thoughts to industry problems. Our cloud first platform already uses the latest technologies, processes, and tools. Our teams take risks and explore emerging technologies to determine what will serve our clients in the future. For us, your problem-solving skills aren’t a nice-to-have, but a day-to-day necessity.

In pursuit of answers, there are no barriers — you can ask questions of anyone across the company, from the newest employee to our CEO, and get a quick, pragmatic, and down-to-earth response. We embrace a remote workstyle and lifestyle; we want you to be in your best place so that you produce your best work. Our teams have flexibility in how and when the work gets done, and you create a plan with your leader that truly fits your lifestyle. Finally, our team members are expected to gain new skills during their time here, and our leaders are empowered to feed your need for professional development.

Perhaps most importantly, we believe that the best ideas come from across all walks of life. We want you to feel embraced, valued, and welcomed at NIC MAP Vision for who you truly are. Everyone has a place at the table here, and exclusionary behavior is not tolerated. We value inspiration, agility, and innovation, and believe in bringing each of those values to work with us each day. To encourage and value opinions across economic and social landscapes, we build teams that reflect the diversity of our communities.

If this feels like home to you, and you have the skills and mindset that will bring our team and our products to an even higher level, we want you on our team!



We offer a range of healthcare plans to fit every kind of employee and family, including some zero pay options, dental plans, and discount options.  Our plans include the necessities of modern life, like on demand primary care and tele-medical services, as well as mental health options for our stressful times.

Remote Work Environment

Skip the commute and pick a workstyle that fits your lifestyle.  We focus on results over punching a clock, offering flexibility to match your best productive flow. In addition, when real life steps in, we have generous PTO, primary and secondary caregiver (formerly maternity and paternity) leave, and adoption leave.

Concern for the Whole

We take your physical and mental well-being seriously.  While at work, we focus on providing our team a break from the routine by encouraging activities like Zoom yoga, online movie “nights”, and other activities.  Our health plans offer tools and resources to assist with life’s challenges.  We want our employees to have a well-rounded life, that enables their peak performance at work, and at home!  In short, emphasizing the balance between work and life is key to keeping our people happy and delivering their best work.

Medical Necessities

We help you save and spend wisely on medical expenses.  We offer plans with both flexible spending and health spending accounts. These healthcare benefits help you manage medical costs on a pre-tax basis and with the ease of a debit card that match where you are in life.


We maximize access, choice and quality in seniors housing by providing data, analytics and services to industry stakeholders and partners.

Our mission statement speaks to the importance of data transparency in the senior housing sector. We empower our clients with the key data points needed for the efficient development, operation and financing of senior care properties.

All industry stakeholders – including operators, developers, investors, financial consultants, brokers, healthcare providers and others – rely on our supply, demand and operational data to lower the costs and risks of business, improve growth, and drastically reduce research times. Our aim is to provide the best data, the best analytical tooling, and the best client support so that America’s seniors can live their best lives with the care and dignity they deserve.


These VISION principles are the cornerstone of our culture and guide our actions each day.

Virtue. Conduct yourself with moral excellence and honesty.

Innovation. Create a new and better way of conducting business and living life.

Sincerity. Act in a genuine and authentic manner.

Inspiration. Be a motivator, and encourage others to grow and excel.

Outstanding. Aim to be the best in all things.

Nimble. Think quickly and adapt to the challenges before you.


NIC MAP Vision gives operators, lenders, investors, developers, and owners unparalleled market data for the seniors housing and care sector.

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