Referral Insight connects clients with a large database of medical and non-medical referral sources that serve senior housing communities. These referrals can include attorneys, geriatric care managers, physicians, and physical therapists, incorporating data across the U.S.

Users can create as many custom reports as they want or need and filter their senior housing referrals by geography and professional category. For multiple Referral Insight users in an organization, each user can create their own custom reports, then export their results to Excel.

This tool allows users to quickly secure contact information, offered services, quality measures, Medicare beneficiaries and more. For non-medical referrals, the detail window will offer general information about their category, specialty, address, phone number, website and map. For medical referrals, users receive general information, services provided, and details about prescriptions (if the referral offers prescriptions).

Target Locations (Existing Senior Housing Communities, New Developments, etc.)

Referral Insight Database of 1 million+ Referral Sources

Prioritized List of Key Referral Sources


  • A nationwide referral insight database with detailed data of more than 1 million referral sources specific to the seniors housing and care market.

  • Affords superior referral source outreach performance through optimized targeting, prioritization and messaging to high-impact referral sources.


  • Operators

  • Developers


Dynamically Monitor Senior Housing Market Conditions Anywhere in the U.S.

  • A comprehensive database of more than 1 million professional referral sources nationwide, with deep detail on each referral source.

  • Referral sources range from elder law attorneys to geriatric health specialists to physicians who write prescriptions for dementia medications.

  • Convenient data and tools for prioritizing referral sources and tailoring outreach messaging.

  • Analytics tools for assessing the impact of referral source outreach programs.

  • Available as bulk data export or within the senior housing and care industry's first RSM tool.

Identify, Prioritize & Engage Professional Referral Sources Nationwide


Improve Marketing Research for New and Existing Senior Housing Communities with Referral Source Lists

Identify All Referral Sources

Identify all referral sources from 25+ categories around new or existing senior housing communities.

Prioritize Referral Sources

Leverage detailed data on each referral source to prioritize referral source outreach efforts.

Tailor Referral Source Messaging

Leverage detailed data on each referral source to train referral source messaging.

Optimize Referral Source Outreach

Create referral outreach routes and capture referral source feedback to optimize staff time utilization.

NIC MAP Vision gives operators, lenders, investors, developers, and owners unparalleled market data for the seniors housing and care sector.

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