NIC Map Vision AI


Take Advantage of Growth Opportunities with Automations Designed by Industry Experts

The senior housing industry is at a crossroads with forces impacting both the ability to provide quality care as well as a looming demand boom. Declining labor force participation rates are making it harder to attract a quality workforce. Baby Boomers are also entering senior housing at increasing rates each month. Something has to change to allow for growth during the chaos.

Unlike other AI-enabled platforms that require heavy customization for senior housing, NIC MAP Vision AI is purpose-built to drastically expedite cumbersome tasks – critical to investors and operators – saving time while producing higher caliber results.

The combination of NIC MAP Vision’s deep industry expertise and the power of artificial intelligence-enabled technology within the NIC MAP Vision platform helps organizations automate time-consuming, repetitive processes so they can get more done with less and turn these industry challenges into a competitive advantage.

How AI can make a difference today

AI has evolved from worse than guessing to better than average at passing the bar exam in less than three years but there are still limitations that will continue to change as the technology evolves. We’ve put extensive time and research into aligning NIC MAP Vision AI with areas best-suited for immediate impact from its current state.

  • Information Summarization
    Leverage AI to ingest vast amounts of information, extract key points and provide analytical insights.
  • Natural Language Interaction
    Use AI to engage in human-like text conversations to answer queries and receive instructions.
  • Knowledge Retrieval
    Filter ingested information to provide answers
  • Content Creating
    Follow instructions or examples to create new text documents and other content

Automations built to save time and increase quality of work

AI & NIC MAP Vision data-assisted tasks – Skills – within NIC MAP Vision AI include:

Rent Roll Analysis

Analyzes an uploaded rent roll for a single senior housing property, summarizes the findings, and compares them against the competitive set of trends

Dataset Analysis

Upload a dataset, annotate it, and then ask related questions.

Candidate Resume Screener & Interview guide

Screen a resume for a job listing and create a tailored interview guide for that candidate. Plus, retrieve their past market conditions and survey performance.

Document Review

Upload and describe a document, receive a summarized review and ability to ask specific questions.

Offering Memorandum Analysis

Summarizes an uploaded offering memorandum which includes information such as property descriptions, financial performance/projections, market analysis, etc.

Regulatory Chatbot

A chatbot for answering questions about regulatory requirements in each state.


Estimates predict that within about five years, 900,000 Baby Boomers will enter the senior housing market per month. There are also systematic shifts in the labor force that are making it harder and more costly to hire workers. This makes growing and keeping up with demand a real challenge.

The industry needs easy solutions that enable time-savings and higher-quality outputs so that more work can get done without adding headcount.

NIC MAP Vision AI allows stakeholders to:

  • Unlock the advantages of task automation to handle data-rich, time-consuming processes and tasks with ease.
  • Generate high-level analysis into the senior housing industry at scale.
  • Get more done so you can meet increased demand for senior housing and satisfy the entrance of the emerging boomer demographic.
  • Adopt AI effectively to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Capitalize on growth opportunities by automating repetitive tasks and conducting higher quality analysis.
  • Attract new customers with higher-quality data-driven business intelligence.
  • Match the strength of AI with the opportunity to accelerate, upskill, and enrich your teams.
  • Increase efficiency with better standardization.
  • Keep up with increased demand without adding more employees.


As the industry leader in data and analytics, NIC MAP Vision is uniquely positioned to support senior housing stakeholders’ specific business needs with a safe approach to the use of artificial intelligence grounded in thoughtful data stewardship.

We care deeply about the senior housing industry and want to see it overcome labor and growth challenges. That’s why we built NIC MAP Vision AI, to automate time-consuming processes and gain added insight out of our best-in-class data. This allows industry stakeholders to flourish and gain a competitive advantage during the upcoming period of increased demand.


Is my data protected?

Yes. NIC MAP Vision uses industry best practices to protect your data and ours, including encryption at rest, as well as a second layer of encryption at the application layer.

Is my data used for training purposes?

No. NIC MAP Vision has an enterprise agreement with OpenAI which protects your data from such uses.

Does NIC MAP Vision share data with Large Language Models?

No, we have a Zero Data Retention (ZDR) policy and a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) in place with OpenAI, which ensures that your data is not retained at all by OpenAI.

Is NIC MAP Vision AI HIPAA Compliant?

Yes. With a BAA in place between you and NIC MAP Vision and the BAA in place between NIC MAP Vision and OpenAI, as well as the encryption and minimum necessary rules required by HIPAA.

What product access is needed to use NIC MAP Vision AI?

A subscription to the NIC MAP Vision AI platform is required to use NIC MAP Vision AI. Some specific capibilities are built on other NIC MAP Vision products, such as NIC MAP Local and Market Insight. Talk to a Product Expert for a specific breakdown.

NIC MAP Vision gives operators, lenders, investors, developers, and owners unparalleled market data for the seniors housing and care sector.