Resident Migration and Draw Patterns

The NIC MAP Vision Resident Origin tool, part of the platform’s primary market demand data tool — Market Insight, helps users understand where senior housing residents live and where they came from.

More specifically, this data provides last-known address information of 16,000+ senior housing facilities nationwide and shows draw radiuses for all these communities and their broader markets.

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How can I use Resident Origin data?

  • Analyze market areas – Get a detailed view of the draw areas for any market or comp set. See what percentage of residents are coming in from outside of the market area or which neighborhoods residents tend to relocate from.

  • Target your marketing strategy – If you’re an operator, by comparing the origin of your residents to those of competitors, you can better tailor your outreach and engage with prospective residents.

  • Find unidentified markets – If there are areas where high concentrations of residents are moving from long distances, that could be an indication of an opportunity for investment.

  • Understand the impact of new development – Combining Resident Origin data with construction pipeline data can show you if a property is likely to see a disruption in their draw area.

Heat Map

Resident Origin’s heat map shows, through splotches on the map, the areas where residents lived before moving into a selected building. Yellow and red splotches show a higher concentration of residents that derived from an area, while green indicates a smaller concentration.

Supply Tab

The supply tab shows, on an individual community basis, the distribution in miles of how far residents have traveled or relocated to live in that specific community. This way you can easily understand the origin patterns of the communities in a portfolio or even the those of competitors’ communities.

NIC MAP Vision gives operators, lenders, investors, developers, and owners unparalleled market data for the seniors housing and care sector.

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