Asset Management Dashboard: “Portfolios”

Portfolios is a powerful asset management tool that empowers users with data necessary to refine their pricing strategies, respond to competitive threats, and optimize community performance. Portfolios uses built-in machine learning to quickly create smart comp sets and analyze charts that compare rate and occupancy performance to the broader market.

Exclusive to Actual Rates data contributors and their business partners, this tool improves market transparency by providing an executive dashboard on real market performance.

Key Features:

  • Compare market share and portfolio performance with competitors and the broader national market
  • Assess market share, rate, occupancy, and RPI at the segment and unit level
  • Use machine learning to quickly create multiple smart comps and portfolio benchmarks
  • Simplify portfolio management through easy-to-digest visualizations of portfolio performance and trends
  • Develop unlimited portfolio competitive sets for quick analysis anywhere in the United States
  • Operators have the unique ability, but not the requirement, to share their Portfolios data through in-platform channels with their business partners who are also NIC MAP Vision clients.

Key Users:

  • Operators (Actual Rates data contribution and NIC MAP Local/Professional access required)
  • Investors (requires that an Operator provide sharing permission)
  • Lenders (requires that an Operator provide sharing permission)

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Improving the asset management experience

Easy-to-digest visualizations make it fast and simple to understand community performance and market trends. Proprietary machine learning identifies comps with similar profiles and behaviors to the user’s assets and offers intelligence on market share, rate, and occupancy. Analyses can be as granular as the care segment and unit type levels.

Focus NIC MAP Vision’s wealth of data

Leverage the billion+ data points in the NIC MAP Vision platform to stay informed of competitive threats, new entrants, financial performance, and operating costs in your markets.