Resident Insight is the central hub for senior housing resident financial and psychographic provides, among the most powerful tools available for NIC MAP Vision clients. This data gives senior housing operators a detailed view of the residents that live in their communities.

The aggregated, de-identified senior housing financial data within Resident Insight includes household income, net worth, net assets, investment assets, and household deposits. More importantly, you also gain access to Experian mosaics that showcase lifestyle preferences for senior housing residents. These mosaics show details such as household size, marketing channel preference, lifestyle tendencies, political affiliation and technology adoption, among other information.

Resident Insight has a multitude of use cases, including the ability to better cater amenities or marketing campaigns to targeted audiences. Used in tandem with other NIC MAP Vision features, users can identify concentrations of resident types (as defined by Experian mosaics) within custom-defined market areas.

For more information on HIPAA compliance, resident safety and data security, read A Note on Data Collection.

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Senior Housing Resident Insight

Senior Housing Resident/Next of Kin Wealth & Origin Profiles


  • A Powerful Platform that Profiles the
    Resident/Next of Kin Wealth & Origin

  • Offers Unparalleled Insight into Community Positioning, Effective Draw Area, & Future Financial Performance to Improve Marketing and Growth Efforts.


  • Operators

  • Investors/REITs


Visualize the Actual Draw Area Around Your Senior Living Communities

  • Evaluate residents and their next of kin on multiple wealth indicators: income, net worth, financial assets, etc.

  • Determine the location of resident/next of kin origin to map the effective market area of a given senior housing community.

  • Track and trend resident and next of kin wealth over time as a leading indicator of future financial performance.

  • Leverage resident wealth profiles to improve current and new marketing efforts, developments and acquisitions for senior housing and active living communities.

  • Leverage wealth and origin data for tactical marketing efforts.

Profile Senior Housing and Active Adult Living Resident/Next of Kin Wealth & Origin to Supercharge Operational Performance and Growth


Identify Key Pockets of Opportunity within Senior Housing and Care Communities and Tailor Marketing Strategy

Profile Resident & Next of Kin Wealth

Build a profile of the wealth, income and financial assets of senior housing residents and their next of kin.

Visualize Resident Draw Patterns

Determine effective market area by mapping community resident origin, and generate key insights for marketing and growth.

Track Resident & Next of Kin Wealth Trend

Trend the wealth of the residents and next of kin in any given senior housing community to determine building health and competitive positioning.

Leverage Wealth Profiles for Growth

Leverage resident and next of kin wealth profiles to evaluate opportunities for acquisition and new community development.

NIC MAP Vision gives operators, lenders, investors, developers, and owners unparalleled market data for the seniors housing and care sector.

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