NIC MAP Vision Platform Helps Lead Senior Housing Developer to Growth and Stability

Chris Hoard, President of Distinctive Living Development

The NIC MAP Vision platform helps Chris Hoard, who manages design, construction and development of senior housing for Distinctive Living, decide what growth pathways are most viable. There are a lot of development opportunities in the senior housing sector, but not all are sound. Hoard and his team can quickly leverage the data provided by the NIC MAP Vision platform to gain understanding about market trends from an operational, transactional and development standpoint.

“NIC MAP Vision gives us the broad spectrum and also the ability to do some deep dives to get to the granular level,” Hoard said. “On a day-to-day basis, we see so much success. We’re so quickly able to pivot or even respond, not only internally, but externally, to our clients, our sponsors and, most importantly, our residents.”

The NIC MAP Vision platform is an invaluable resource for Hoard and his organization, with comprehensive data coming from one place, providing direction, understanding and solutions.

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