Benefits of Seniors Housing Supply & Demand Data
Why VisionLTC and NIC MAP are Better Together

The combination of NIC MAP® Data Service (NIC MAP) and VisionLTC merged the two most robust data platforms in senior housing, helping the industry make better-informed decisions in less time and with more confidence.

Ryan Chase, Partner and Executive Managing Director at Blueprint, shares his experience as a client with access to both product suites.

“The dual subscription to NIC MAP Vision is really the one-stop shop to assess the fundamentals of a market – the demographics, the growth, and the wealth. You can also assess certain acuity needs and then layer in fundamentals about operations.”
– Ryan Chase, Partner and Executive Managing Director at Blueprint

Benefits of Using Both Product Suites:

  • Gain Transparency through Combined Access to Supply and Demand Data
  • View Data from Markets Across the Entire U.S.
  • Access Coveted Data Sets: Trepp (CMBS Property Financial Data), Resident Origin, Healthcare Utilization of Medicare Beneficiaries, In-Depth Pipeline Data, and More
  • Use Exclusive Features Only Accessible to Dual Subscribers, like Analyzing Thousands of Markets at Scale Analyze in a Morning What Others Do in Days
  • Cut Decision-Making Time by Consolidating Your Data and Analytics Tools to a Single Source
  • Be the First to Access New Features Only Available to Clients Who Access Both Product Suites

Supply & Demand

By understanding trends in occupancy, inventory, and absorption at the national and local level, clients get an accurate snapshot of what is happening in any given market both now and historically – a specialty of the NIC MAP suite. By researching demographics, wealth information (i.e. net-worth and income by age), and construction pipeline data in customized market areas, users receive a read on market demand that translates to more informed investments – the VisionLTC specialty.

A Competitive Advantage

As one example of an exclusive feature for clients accessing both product suites, users can now analyze up to 4000 user-defined markets at scale. Not only can you customize the size of your markets and view market demand data, but you also see the rate and occupancy data for those markets, too.

By accessing both product suites, NIC MAP Vision users gain more transparency into which markets are performing well and which show the largest potential for growth. What once took several days of tedious data analysis is now done in a morning. When pressed for time to make a deal, you can move forward with confidence that you’ll have data that is actionable, accurate, and quickly delivered. You also gain access to data sets that were, until recently, completely unavailable to the senior housing industry.

Axel Guerra, Director of Acquisitions and Development at Kisco Senior Living, explains why a dual subscription was important for his business.

Now more than ever, the actionable data provided by NIC MAP Vision can help you stay informed. Trusted by more than 5,000 customers and built exclusively for the senior housing and care sector, NIC MAP Vision provides comprehensive nationwide supply and demand metrics on 35K+ properties with more than 15 years of comprehensive, time-series market data at the metro level.

To learn more about NIC MAP Vision and our product offerings that can help support your business, speak to a product expert.