Senior Housing Operator Saves Time and Money Working with NIC MAP Vision

Sandra Lawson, Chief Growth Officer at Asbury Communities

The NIC MAP Vision platform helps Sandra Lawson, Chief Growth Officer at Asbury Communities, make sound, effective decisions across all disciplines — from HR to finance to sales — as well as save time and money.

Lawson says, “We use the platform every day. It’s used by HR. It’s used by finance. It’s used to pull data for sales. There’s no place else we can go to get demand data, nationwide supply data or migration trends. For pretty much most decisions, we start with the platform and then we go from there.”

Asbury Communities has been using the NIC MAP Vision platform for years and has access to a number of data streams, including portfolios, market insight, pipeline insight, building financials and more. Every year, Asbury looks at resources available, and every year the decision is clear — NIC MAP Vision is the only place senior housing operators can go for comprehensive, one-stop-shop market research data.

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