More Than Just the Data

NIC MAP®, powered by NIC MAP Vision, is the premier provider of comprehensive market data and analytics for the seniors housing and care sector, supplying data from more than 15,000 properties within 140 U.S. metro markets.

We can provide tools and support in active retirement communities, senior housing developments, and assisted living facilities. Senior housing market analysis typically involves several collaborators, all with individual or organizational goals. In order to meet your targets, access to complete and easily interpreted data is crucial.

NIC MAP Vision creates transparency for senior housing and care by offering accurate, unbiased, and actionable market-level data on the entire sector’s property types and care segments, including:

  • Active Adult
  • Independent living (IL)
  • Assisted living (AL)
  • Memory care (MC)
  • Nursing care (NC)

Broken down by property type, care segments, and unit type, NIC MAP Vision data is updated quarterly, monthly, and weekly. It includes property-level inventory by unit type, sales transactions, construction activity, aggregated occupancy and rent comps, demographics, and much more.

NIC MAP Vision is available through a variety of subscriptions and reports that can be customized based on your geographical needs.


NIC MAP Market Fundamentals

Download a sample of the latest quarterly market fundamentals that NIC MAP provides.

Market Fundamentals 4Q23 – Seniors Housing