Nationwide Database of All Senior Housing Communities

Audience Insight Device ID Database

Targetable Audience of Device IDs of Next of Kin, Residents, & Staff of Senior Housing Communities


  • Custom audience analytics of all mobile devices that have stepped onto any senior housing property in the nation in the past 90 days.

  • Easy-to-use API that automatically identifies high-performing ads and allows you to seamlessly boost these ads to further promote engagement amongst your target audiences.

  • Gives senior housing teams unparalleled, real-time insight into their target audience, allowing for hyper-targeted advertising on digital and mail platforms.


  • Vendors

  • Investors/REITs

  • Operators

  • Lenders


The Senior Housing Industry’s Only Nationwide Database

  • Identify Cohorts - Using device IDs, you can target digital ads to actual next of kin, residents, and staff of competing senior housing properties.

  • Leverage Data Across Platforms - Send curated ads using device data via Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social/digital platforms.

  • Engage lookalike Audiences - Create lookalike audiences using device IDs from senior living and active retirement communities to advertise to similar audiences in your market outside of senior housing.

  • Efficient and Easy-To-Use API - Get notified when your ads perform well and boost those ads to maximize engagement amongst your desired audiences.

NIC MAP Vision gives operators, lenders, investors, developers, and owners unparalleled market data for the seniors housing and care sector.

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