Nationwide State Survey Results

CarePrepare Quality Engine

Operational Quality Profiles


  • A Nationwide Database of State Survey Outcomes to Deliver Clinical

  • Unlocks/Benchmarks Survey Performance to Identify Operational Issues,
    Highlight Regulatory Trends, & Sell Against Competing Communities.


  • Operators

  • Developers

  • Investors / REITs

  • Other Stakeholders

  • Lenders


Take a truly comprehensive approach to
senior housing evaluation

  • A rapidly growing Standardized Database of survey outcomes
    covering a significant portion of the US

  • Evaluate a Community’s Survey History in deep detail &
    Compare its Performance to its peer set

  • Evaluate Executive Director & Resident Care Director Performance
    over time to identify areas of weakness

  • Generate Output to share with referral sources and prospective residents,
    benchmarking a community against its peers

  • Track Regulatory Trends in order to take preemptive action

Leverage a Nationwide Survey Outcomes Database to Improve
Operational Performance & Quantify Differentiation


Assess Market Capacity for Future Growth

Benchmark Survey Performance

Deep Dive Survey Performance of a Selected Community — Compare Performance to its Peer Group

Identify Areas of Quality Risk

Identify Areas of Underperformance & Latent Survey Risk in order to Take Preemptive Corrective Action

Track Clinical & Regulatory Trends

Identify Areas of Regulatory Focus & Take Preemptive Action to Minimize the Risk of Adverse Survey Events

Differentiate Via Superior Quality

Generate Collateral to Benchmark Your Community for Prospective Residents & Referral Sources

NIC MAP Vision gives operators, lenders, investors, developers, and owners unparalleled market data for the seniors housing and care sector.

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