Market Insight


Sample Target Location(s) & Market Areas

Sample Target Locations

  • Nationwide Prospecting
  • Existing Portfolio
  • Acquisition Target
  • Development Site
  • Divestiture Prospect
  • Investment Opportunity

Sample Market Areas

  • X-Minute Drive Time
  • X-Mile Buffer
  • Custom-Defined Market Area


Sample Raw Data

Demand Data

  • Population by Age & Gender
  • Annual Income by Age
  • Net Worth by Age
  • Disposable Income by Age
  • Home Equity by Age
  • Pensions & LTCI
  • Acuity/Disease States
  • Migration & Population Growth
  • Housing Market
  • Labor Market
  • Health Care Utilization
  • Employment Market

Nationwide Supply Data

  • Bed Counts by Type
  • Competition Age
  • Operator Type
  • Facility Type

Referral Source Data

  • Hospitals & NH
  • Physician Procedures
  • Traffic Counts
  • 55+ Communities
  • Adult Day/Home Care


Sample Customized Analytics

  • Customized Benchmarking
  • Unmet Demand / Penetration
  • Demand Growth & Market Capacity
  • Population Growth Trends
  • Competition Characteristics
  • Supply Growth
  • Income Qualified Growth
  • Wealth
  • Acuity & Utilization
  • Housing Market Trends
  • Labor Market Trends
  • Economic Trends
  • Resident Net Worth


Data, Technology & Analytics
Drive Precise Primary Market Insight

  • A powerful geospatial market analysis tool custom-built for the
    senior housing industry.

  • Gives operators, lenders, developers, & owners unparalleled, real-time insight into local market dynamics nationwide.

  • Developed by industry veterans who have developed & operated 750+
    buildings nationwide.

  • Developed with leading market analysis experts at Harvard Business School & the Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis. Identifies areas of opportunity nationwide.

Rapidly analyze any market, site, portfolio, or community
on hundreds of specially formulated KPIs.


Delivering Precision Primary Market Analytics

Prospect for New Opportunities

Identify Optimal Primary Market Areas to Enter Via Development or Acquisition

Monitor and Project Market Conditions

Monitor/Project Market Conditions
Around Owned Assets and Tailor a Community Strategy

Evaluate Development Sites

Instantly Evaluate & Benchmark New
Development Sites in Any Market

Gauge New Development Impact

Receive New Construction Alerts
and Gauge New Competition Impact on
Market Capacity

Optimize Asset Management

Instantly Evaluate & Benchmark Your Current Portfolio to Optimize the Asset Management Decision-Making Process

Evaluate Acquisition Opportunities

Evaluate Acquisition Opportunities in a
Matter of Seconds

Deep Dive Competition Nationwide

Assess Existing Supply Base – View
Building Occupancy & Rate, Ownership,
Financing, Building Features, etc.

Assess Resident Draw Patterns

Visualize Resident Draw Patterns & Identify Untapped Pockets of Opportunity

Explore Markets and Referral Sources

Visualize/Map Referral Sources,
Competition, Employers, Population, & More

NIC MAP Vision gives operators, lenders, investors, developers, and owners unparalleled market data for the seniors housing and care sector.

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