Rent Roll

Resident Insight

Resident/ Next of Kin
Wealth & Origin Profiles


  • A Powerful Platform that Profiles the
    Resident/Next of Kin Wealth & Origin

  • Offers Unparalleled Insight into Community Positioning, Effective Draw Area, & Future Financial Performance to Improve Marketing and Growth Efforts.


  • Operators

  • Investors / REITs


Visualize the actual draw area around
your communities

  • Evaluate residents and their next of kin on multiple wealth
    indicators – income, net worth, financial assets, etc.

  • Determine location of resident/next of kin origin to map the
    effective market area of a given community

  • Track & trend resident and next of kin wealth over time as a
    leading indicator of future financial performance

  • Leverage resident wealth profiles to improve current
    & new marketing efforts, developments, and acquisitions

  • Leverage wealth and origin data for tactical marketing efforts

Profile Resident/Next of Kin Wealth & Origin to
Supercharge Operational Performance & Growth


Identify Key Pockets of Opportunity and Tailor Marketing Strategy

Profile Resident & NOK Wealth

Build a Profile of the Wealth, Income, and Financial Assets of Residents & Their Next of Kin

Visualize Resident Draw Patterns

Determine Effective Market Area by Mapping Resident Origin — Generate Key Insights for Marketing & Growth

Track Resident / NOK Wealth Trend

Trend the Wealth of Residents/Next of Kin to Determine Building Health & Competitive Positioning

Leverage Wealth Profiles for Growth

Leverage Resident/Next of Kin Wealth Profiles to Evaluate Opportunitiesfor Acquisition & New Development

NIC MAP Vision gives operators, lenders, investors, developers, and owners unparalleled market data for the seniors housing and care sector.

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