Introducing “Listings”: A New Listing Service Dedicated to Senior Housing Real Estate

February 17, 2023

We just launched a new listings service for senior housing real estate!

Labeled as “Real Estate” within NIC MAP Vision’s client platform, this new service is the first online and free source of listings for high-quality senior housing real estate. “Listings” allows sellers of senior housing properties to reach the thousands of monthly active users on NIC MAP’s portal, including more than 90 percent of the industry’s largest owners and operators.

What can be listed on the new service?

Listings within the new service include land parcels, buildings, and even full portfolios of senior housing communities. Though any NIC MAP Vision client can use Listings to search or buy, only licensed brokers are able to post new listings. For even more exposure, brokerages are also spotlighted to better market their organization, which includes information like contact details, images, and recent transactions.

This new feature makes marketing easy and reliable. We want the availability of a quality listing service to cut down on the floods of emails, reminders, and phone calls that brokers traditionally deal with as part of the selling process. By listing their properties within our platform — a platform that already has many of the industry’s largest stakeholders as clients— brokers are immediately presenting their listings to the right people.

What’s the cost of using the service?

The service is completely free. There are no transaction fees, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per sale.

How is privacy handled in Listings?

Indeed, issues of privacy and ensuring exclusive visibility to approved individuals is one of the challenges of creating a listing service for senior housing. We help solve the problem in the following ways:

  • The information made public for each listing is customizable and up to the broker
  • The service facilitates confidentiality agreements, ensuring that NDAs are signed before sensitive details are shared with prospective buyers

What are the benefits for buyers?

The ability to view senior housing listings in one consolidated location will be a massive time saver. With all listing information, market insight, and documentation in one place, everyone in an organization can act on the same information. Buyers will be less likely to miss opportunities and can find properties that fit their goals.

Additionally, buyers have access to the entire suite of NIC MAP Vision’s senior housing data. This means they can quickly view property details, run a full market analysis, research new construction projects in the area, or run other relevant analyses that might affect their decision to buy.

Where can I see a demonstration of Listings?

For most current NIC MAP Vision clients, “Listings” is now live and accessible on the platform. If you want a walkthrough of how to search for properties, create a listing, or need other questions answered, schedule some time with one of our product experts for more information.

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