Unveiling the Future: NIC MAP Vision’s New Active Adult Report

June 18, 2024

The senior living landscape is continuously evolving, with Active Adult communities rapidly gaining traction among today’s seniors and investors alike. Recognizing this trend, NIC MAP Vision has released an in-depth Active Adult Report, providing unprecedented insights into this flourishing segment. This report marks a significant milestone, reflecting NIC MAP Vision’s commitment to leading the charge in seniors housing and care data.

NIC MAP Vision’s Commitment to Active Adult Research

In early 2023, NIC MAP Vision identified an urgent need for robust data in the rapidly growing Active Adult segment. Addressing this gap, the company made a strategic decision to begin building a comprehensive data collection initiative. After a year and a half of dedicated effort, this initiative has culminated in the launch of the first Active Adult report, which now resides within the subscriber platform.

NIC MAP Vision has not only devoted a full-time team to Active Adult research but has also collaborated with industry leaders to steer its direction. This partnership ensures that the data collecting is both relevant and comprehensive, addressing the specific needs and trends within the segment. The ongoing data collection effort continues to expand, promising even more detailed insights in future releases of the report.

Key Features of the Active Adult Report 

The inaugural Active Adult Report by NIC MAP Vision is rich with detailed analyses and findings. Here are some of the core features readers can expect: 

  • Occupancy Rates: Understanding the current demand within Active Adult communities.
  • Development Trends: Insights into how the landscape of Active Adult housing is expanding.
  • Regional Prominence: Analysis of where these communities are most prevalent and how they are distributed geographically.
  • Property Age: Details on the modernity and age of properties within the segment.
  • Amenities: Overview of common amenities that are shaping resident experiences.

High-Level Findings from the Report 

While the complete report is reserved for clients, here are a few high-level insights that underscore the significance of this report: 

Robust Occupancy Rates Indicate Strong Demand 

  • One of the most compelling findings from the NIC MAP Vision Active Adult Report is the segment’s robust occupancy rates. As of the first quarter of 2024, the Active Adult segment boasted a combined occupancy rate of 92.6%. This figure starkly contrasts with the occupancy rates of traditional Senior Housing, which was 650 basis points lower at 86.1% during the same period. This disparity underscores a strong and stable demand from active seniors who are increasingly choosing Active Adult communities for their vibrant lifestyles and amenities tailored to their needs.

Development Trends Show Rapid Segment Expansion 

  • The report also highlights a sharp increase in the development of Active Adult communities, with nearly 25,000 new units added from 2020 through 2022 within NIC MAP Vision’s coverage markets. This surge in development indicates a strong response from developers to the growing demand for Active Adult communities. Compared to the traditional Seniors Housing segment, which has experienced elongated development cycles and increased costs as a fallout of the pandemic, the Active Adult segment presents an opportunity for developers to bring units to market more quickly and affordably. This trend not only speaks to the segment’s appeal among developers but also its potential for rapid scale-up in response to consumer demand.

Penetration Rates Reveal Emerging Market Opportunities 

  • The NIC MAP Vision report further analyzes penetration rates, which measures the number of Active Adult units in a market in proportion to the number of qualified households. The top ten markets for Active Adult units have penetration rates ranging from 1.5% to 2.5%. This is substantially lower than the penetration rate for Seniors Housing, which stands at over 11% across NIC’s primary and secondary markets as of the first quarter of 2024. This disparity highlights the nascent stage of the Active Adult segment and suggests significant room for growth.

Industry Implications 

Ongoing Investment in New Research

  • NIC MAP Vision’s ongoing investment in Active Adult research mirrors the rapid growth of this segment and underscores the company’s commitment to staying ahead in the industry. By continuously gathering and analyzing data, NIC MAP Vision ensures that each report iteration is more comprehensive than the last. This dedication not only helps stakeholders understand the shifting dynamics of the market but also prepares them for future trends that could impact their strategic decisions.

Empowering Investors and Developers 

  • With the introduction of targeted reporting for the Active Adult segment, investors and developers now have access to data that was previously unavailable. This information is crucial for making informed investment decisions and for identifying burgeoning opportunities within the segment. The insights gleaned from the report enable developers to understand which regions show the most promise for new developments, what amenities are most valued by active adults, and how to position their offerings to meet the expectations of this discerning demographic. The availability of specialized data through NIC MAP Vision’s Active Adult Report greatly enhances the ability of senior living operators and investors to make data-driven strategic decisions. This data is instrumental in navigating the complexities of the senior housing market, particularly in a segment that is still defining its contours.


The launch of NIC MAP Vision’s Active Adult Report marks a pivotal development in actionable data surrounding the Active Adult segment. By providing detailed, reliable data on a segment that is positioned for significant growth, NIC MAP Vision continues to empower industry professionals with the knowledge they need to succeed. For those looking to dive deeper into the intricacies of Active Adult living and its market potential, accessing this report is an invaluable step forward.

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