Set Your Business Apart with Senior Housing Market Insight

March 18, 2024

To strengthen your competitive advantage in the senior housing industry, you’ll need to think differently about data. How can you better analyze and benchmark intelligence data on the senior housing market so you can make better-informed decisions with more confidence – in less time?

Many senior housing investors and other business leaders turn to NIC MAP Vision and our powerful platform to improve analytics capabilities and benchmark workflows. In this article, we discuss two NIC MAP Vision tools that will help: Market Insight and Reporting.

How Senior Housing Market Data Analysis Strengthens Competitive Advantage

How would you like to be able to analyze any market, building site, or portfolio in a matter of seconds?

That’s what NIC MAP Vision’s Market Insight can do for you. Custom-built for senior housing, this unique geospatial market analysis engine pairs proprietary datasets with cutting-edge technology to give you information and analysis that truly sets you apart.

Instead of wading through manual data searches for hours on end, you can quickly do a development analysis or evaluate acquisition opportunities based on specially formulated key performance indicators. What you get in return is precise market analysis and real-time insight into local market dynamics nationwide:

  • Get greater market awareness with datasets that include construction and labor costs.
  • Assess the existing supply base through specific data on ownership, building occupancy and rent rates, financing, building features, and more.
  • Gauge the impact of new competition on market capacity based on new construction data.
  • Tailor your community strategies with projected market conditions around owned assets.

Senior Housing Market Data and Reporting – The Industry’s Superpower

Fast access to the data you need when you need it enables you to make informed decisions for identifying and operating in markets that need senior living services. When your decisions are data-driven, you’re more able to provide housing access, choice, and quality care for older adults.

NIC MAP Vision provides a series of reports that compile customized datasets or data recaps that are not only user-friendly but are comprehensive and well-timed. Here are just three.

Site Detail Report – This market study-type report is a comprehensive overview of a senior housing community or development site that includes multiple datasets and robust demographics. With a site detail report, there’s no need to research individual databases or calculate demographics manually.

Metro Market Report – This report provides metro-level data for a snapshot of the state of a metro area, including basic and high-level demographics as well as supply and construction trends. This data helps determine markets for new business or for understanding existing underlying areas for communities.

NIC MAP Construction Monitor – This report identifies which metros are leading in new construction nationwide. To understand which competitors already have a stake in a market, you get data that highlights areas for new development or acquisitions and trends in senior housing construction broken down by metro. You can compare data based on metro to metro, current inventory, new construction, different majority care types, and more.

Senior housing investors and other business leaders use customized datasets and data reporting to secure financing, operate more efficiently, benchmark performance, and more:

  • Perform in-depth market analyses
  • Find partners
  • Simplify underwriting processes
  • Develop communities
  • Launch sales efforts

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